Monday, July 2, 2007

Real Estate agent produces unethical practices

This is a Real Estate agent you would want to watch out for.

Monica Slaughter-Buchanan
Cell: 240-350-1883
Office: 301-464-0044

I contacted Monica to represent the sell of my home, this was the beginning of a ride I didn't expect. Her associate Wanda "Denise" North returned my call on behalf of Monica. We scheduled a meeting date on May 29th. On May 29th 5 minutes before our scheduled time to meet, Denise called apologizing and wishing to reschedule for a meet on Friday June 1.

On Friday June 1, 2007 I met with Monica Slaughter-Buchanan and her sales Associate Wanda North to sell my home located at 3511 Tolly Place, Springdale Maryland 20774. During the conversation it was agreed that the agents have 2 ½% Broker’s Fee and 2 ½% sales fee totaling 5% commission. It was disclosed that I would need some time to prepare the house for sell and I was given 10 days. I met with both agents again on Tuesday June 5th, 2007 to officially sign the listing paperwork and increased the home prepare from 10 days to 15 days giving a listing date of June 15, 2007. I was informed by Monica Buchanan that she has an aggressive marketing approach and that it is possible to meet my deadline to sell by the end of the summer.

On Friday June 15th, 2007 my house officially listed and my lockbox was delivered by Wanda North. I also informed Wanda that I would like to order a sales sign, changing my mind on what I previously decided. I contacted Monica Buchanan on Monday June 18th, 2007 leaving her a voicemail expressing my desire for a sign. I contacted Monica again on Tuesday June 19th after not hearing back from her again expressing my desire for a sign. I finally got in touch with Monica and she stated that a sign would be ordered and that a delivery date would be on Friday June 22nd. I was informed on Wednesday June 20th by Wanda North that an open house would be held on Sunday June 24th. The open house was unsuccessful, with only the neighbors whom I expressed the sale of my home stopping by.

After the open house, I took it upon myself to investigate the ads placed by Monica to the Washington Post, Metropolitan Regional Information Systems Inc, and At first glance I could not find the ad because no pictures were taken of my home by Re/max to place in the ad. I also noticed that all ads had misinforming information, example: My home has a wood burning fireplace, the ads state I have a gas burning fireplace. My home has a two car garage, the ads state I have a detached car-port. None of the amenities were described in the ad.

A portion of the information about my home was disclosed on each listing. I contacted Monica on Tuesday June 26, 2007 to express my concerns, she informed me that another company would be stopping by to take pictures, and that an additional alternate company was hired to place a sale sign in my yard. Monica stated that the information that MRIS sends out, she had no control over. She also informed me that she had discussed the beginning of the marketing of my home on Monday June 25, 2007. I informed her I did some research and asked if the commission amount we agreed upon was based upon the work that I was not receiving, she began to laugh.

On Wednesday June 27, 2007 I received a call from the sales Associate Wanda North. She stated that she wanted to stop by so that I could sign the commission amendment to raise the current commission from 2 ½% to 3% each way totaling 6%. Wanda immediately apologized seeing that I had not any knowledge of a commission increase after I had already signed for a set commission price. Less than 2 minutes later, Monica called back to explain what Wanda was instructed to do.

Monica stated that a commission increase would need to take place to the full commission amount to “motivate” her to sell my home. She explained that my home would be overlooked based upon the commission price and that "other homes would take priority". She stated “other agents would be opted to show potential buyers other homes, instead of mine based upon the commission pricing”. I then inquired and re-affirmed my suspicion with her stating this, that I somewhat felt my home was not being marketed to the fullest based upon her comments and that this conflicts with what was explained to me at the beginning of us meeting and signing. I left the conversation at that.

After feeling somewhat discouraged I researched my contract to make sure there were not any hidden fees for termination of my contract. I typed up a letter which is attached and attempted to hand deliver the letter to both agents. During the delivery of the letters on Thursday June 28, 2007, the associate agent Wanda North contacted me stating that there would be an open house this Saturday June 30, 2007. I immediately stopped her conversation and informed her of my disgust with her colleague and wanted to terminate my contract based upon the above matter. Wanda stated that she understood and that she was not aware of what was said during the conversation I had with Monica a day before. I informed Wanda that I would be hand delivering my letter.

Upon arrival I inquired to speak with the manager or Senior Broker of Re/max One. I was given Angela Mairs and Tim Thomas the office manager. I contact Wanda, to inform her I was onsite and that she or Angela could terminate my contract. She proceeded to inform me that there was some paper work that I could fill out, and that she would contact the front office receptionist to give it to me. Two minutes later the front office phone rung and the receptionist proceeded to talk with Wanda. The receptionist informed Wanda that she was not an agent and she was not authorized to give out termination paper work.

After hanging up with the receptionist, Wanda called me back 5 minutes later to inform me that she had contacted Monica to find out about the termination paper work. And that she was only delivering a message to me. She stated that Monica would release my contract but only under certain conditions. She stated that the conditional release would be for me not to seek the sell of my home until August 31, 2007, the time frame I set to have my home sold by.

By this time I was heated, not only was Monica not marketing my home she wouldn't release my contract unconditionally. I've reported this agent to:

1.) Re/Max International
2.) Maryland Real Estate Commission
3.) Prince Georges Association of Realtors

The first blog is on, I've contact 7 on your side and channel 4.

To date, my home is not being marketed, it just sits on every Realtor site physically uninviting. All, Take a look at the listing and please share your comments.
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